Getting to know Deenie Nast

?Is Deenie still alive?!? Where has she been

Deenie Nast has been languishing in midtown New York City. In 1992 she signed away her rights to perform as herself at the dive bar Circus. To this day and throughout several court cases she claims she was coerced and bribed with alcohol laced with "micky" and "male attention". After a 10-year court battle she received an injunction to perform outside of New York City for the year of 2019.

What's the deal with Minnie?

“Minnie “, born Joyce Doyle, has been Deenie’s ever-constant companion and live-in nurse since 1983. Famed director Garret Wolf Queen, willed Ms. Doyle to Deenie as a lifelong service nurse and companion. Since that time, they have only spent 2 days apart despite Deenie’s attempts at ‘escape’ and ‘ditching’ her in public.

  1. Minnie ” Minnie” after writing many fan letters to Deenie’s agent and estate. Mr. Wolf Queen rescued “Minnie” from an orphanage at an early age and paid for her to train as a nurse. Although the deal has never been made public, in a rare interview where “Minnie” was aloud to speak she stated she “very happily committed her life the most wonderful, beautiful and talented Ms. Nast.”
  2. ” Minnie” has EBC (Extreme Blushing Condition) that has landed her in the hospital after several of Deenie’s late night reveries.

?Why is Deenie Nast no longer listed on IMDB

After a bitter argument and threats of a lawsuit Deenie Nast has been the first actress to be removed from the IMBD website. Click below for an in-progress recreation of her television

.and film rolls. If there are those you remember but do not see on here please alert Minnie

?I'm doing my a book report for school, where can I ask another question

. For further questions or personal comments contact Minnie at .No questions will go unanswered.

?Who is Deenie Nast

Oscar winner, two-time Tony winner, Emmy winner, star of the stage and screen, with a career spanning almost 10 decades, her name is a house-hold word. A natural scene-stealer from the time she took the vaudeville stage by force at age 3, to her storming the stage this fall, flying in the face of legal threats from ‘The Corporation’, .Deenie owns the stage alone because no one has the guts to share it with her. .